About Us

TSO is born due to the demand for new ways of installations and solar energy commercialization in the solar PV market. This market is dramatically growing during the past and forthcoming years (more than $170 billions total spending in 2017), and is mainly based on utility plants and rooftop installations, a fact which progressively decreases prices and benefits for the stakeholders and leads the sector towards concentration. Something peculiar if we think of such a social energy like the sun.

TSO knows that there exits an important gap between current ways of solar PV installations with flat modules and the new future that solar energy brings to all of us. This gap can be filled with R&D and innovation, connecting commercial-scientific initiatives and big OEM manufacturers (tier 1&2) with solar stakeholders interested in deploying new solar PV markets. Our commercial-scientific team has the expertise to help those companies diversify their solar business or enter it with new approaches.


Socialize and open new markets for solar energy through innovation.


To be the market-reference Engineering and R&D Consulting company specialized in solar energy, achieving a positive differentiation for its customers through innovative solutions that help socialize solar energy and turn it into a commodity for any user.

Our Commercial-Scientific Team

Antonio Calo

Antonio Calo. Specialist in Solar Energy and Lighting with a wide experience in creating and managing industrial companies and scientific teams. It was love affairs that brought him to solar energy back in 1995: the father of a former girlfriend was working in solar thermal energy and introduced him to a new solar technology: photovoltaics. That was real love at first sight. As soon as he set eyes on solar PV, it was magic! A PV cell receives sun rays and produces energy anywhere, it can be stored in batteries and used as DC or AC. This happened more than 20 years ago and he still feels it. He worked in solar PV for several years, bringing to market solar urban applications in order to socialize and extend the use of solar PV. This essence -distributed energy- was somewhat lost during the booming time of photovoltaics in Spain, when only big solar farms in the middle of nowhere were promoted. However, he never quit contributing to solar projects while working in other sectors as construction (Regional Manager of Sanjose Group) and industrial services (Regional Manager of Schindler). He went into full solar motion again in 2010 through energy efficiency in lighting, distributed solar PV installations and holographic applications to solar energy and energy efficiency. He has published several scientific papers and holds seven patents in holography, solar energy and energy storage. He has also been organiser and teacher of several regional government courses for solar energy, energy efficiency and CAD utilities. He speaks Spanish and English.

Cristina Vicente

Cristina Vicente. Expert in worldwide Market and Manufacturing, with a long expertise in procurement, sales and marketing management for miscellaneous fields. She started her solar experience back in 2005 -only in her twenties- while her father, then running his own business in electric power transmission and distribution, taught her the importance of driving generation towards renewables; furthermore photovoltaics. His company is nowadays one of the biggest Solar PV EPC in Latin America. Instill-Call that has tinted her carrier and the way to do things in the several international companies she has worked for in trading, IT&finance, energy efficiency and lighting and finally in developing R&D applications in Solar Distributed Generation, where her future seemed to be advocated ever since. Despite hers is a Degree in Economics and Masters in International Marketing, Foreign Commerce and International Negotiation has always been personally and professionally surrounded by technical staff, from engineers, computer experts, chemists, physics and research lab operators. Having the ability to interpret them and orchestrate the myriad tasks required for day-to-day operations to implement a strategic and technologically enabled approach to obtaining R&D supplies and managing materials, no matter where or what for, but always with the vision of the growing demand for cost containment and a clear return on research and development investments. Among other skills, she is proficient in Spanish, English and French while very tough with Chinese and holds 2 patents.

Hugo Rodriguez

Dr. Hugo J. Rodríguez. Brought up with energy consciousness and solar energy on the roof of his parent’s house, he always knew this magical source of energy could solve many problems. He even built a hydrogen-powered electric engine using water and batteries when he was only 8. Hot water and electricity coming out of one’s roof has always been just natural for Hugo. He followed his dreams, achieved a Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering with Honours between the Complutense University of Madrid, Spain (UCM) and the Federal Polytechnical School in Zürich, Switzerland (ETH-Zürich) and then a PhD in Solar Photovoltaic Energy at the Solar Energy Institute of the Polytechnical University of Madrid, with close co-operations with worldwide renowned research institutions such as the Interuniversitary Microelectronics Centre (IMEC) in Leuven, Belgium and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE). His broad co-operation network with Academia includes many main European institutions but also transoceanic contacts at MIT in Cambrige, Massachussets, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California, or the Ioffe Institute in Saint Petersburg, Russia, to name a few. Hugo soon developed an interest for the real application of Science in industry, and has since led R&D and Technical Departments in international companies covering all aspects of the value chain of silicon photovoltaics, from silicon casting, to ingot growth and wafering, to solar cells and modules. He has even dealt with novel applications in solar energy, such as holographic optics, and also enhanced his industrial, business and market vision of photovoltaics by co-operating with one of the most renowned divulgative publications in solar PV. Hugo has 9 patents or patent applications, 1 book chapter in a scientific handbook on solar photovoltaic science and engineering, 1 peer-reviewed publication, over 15 conference proceedings and more than 100 divulgative papers on solar photovoltaic energy.

Alejandro Pallarés Manrique

Alejandro Pallarés. CFV Manager. Director of TSO’s business unit of rooftop photovoltaic installation (CFV). He is an expert in building and in management of large urban developments, with vast experience in urbanistic implementations requiring complex energy needs. He has worked basically in all sectors in Urbanization and Property Building, hotel, tertiary, residential, service projects, etc. He holds a Technical Architecture Degree from the University of Seville and a Degree as Designer-Installer of Solar Energy since 1998. He speaks Spanish and English.


Engineers and Architects. For turnkey projects – including prototyping of any urban or industrial solar application – TSO counts on qualified Engineers specialized in solar photovoltaics and industrial design, as well as on Architects of proven experience and renowned prestige both in urban planning and building. This multidisciplinary team, together with the broad commercial and scientific expertise, allows TSO to undertake any challenge posed by a customer from a holistic perspective, delivering the optimum result in profitability and integration.

TSO Scientific Staff

Scientific Staff. TSO is backed by an enthusiast team of world-renowned scientists, all of them holding a PhD in Solar Photovoltaics with a joint expertise of over 40 years in PV research at top-class institutions. This team extends its knowledge from basic PV materials through to PV power plant research, being the right basis for our outsourcing of R&D departments and strategies, including the evaluation of R&D initiatives and presentation of any grant proposal.

TSO the south oracle

“Innovating to open new markets for solar energy”